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ITS provides high quality seamless coupling stock for the manufacture of API 5CT couplings for oilfield casing and tubing in all standard grades such as J-55, K-55, N-80, L-80,C-95 and P-110. Higher grades for more critical service such as T-95 and Q-125 are also available.
In addition, the alloy mechanical tubing grades 4130 and 4140 delivered by ITS are generally used for the manufacture of downhole tools and in wellhead applications. This product is quenched and tempered to reach high strengths required by customer specifications. Standard API steel grades are also available in mechanical tube sizes, heat-treated to specification. Float shoes, crossovers, packers, centralizers, and other oilfield accessories are made from mechanical tubing.
Other seamless tubular products ITS provides for critical oilfield applications include choke and kill tubes and auxiliary tubes for components in offshore drilling riser systems, and seamless perforating gun tubes for oil and gas wells requiring high-tech tertiary production methods.

Standard carbon and alloy grades of mechanical tubing (1026, 4140, etc.) are provided by ITS, often through service-center distributors, for use in the manufacture of industrial equipment such as rollers, conveyor systems, hydraulic cylinders, gears, bushings, spindles, spacers, etc. This category also covers tubes used in the manufacture of earth-moving and farm machinery and tubes for roller bearings and bearing races.
ITS can also work closely with original equipment manufacturers’ and our mill sources worldwide to produce special sizes and grades of steel tubular products for engineered industrial applications requiring higher strengths, better machinability, weldability, and other customized requirements.

The mills represented by ITS manufacture tubular products used in the automotive world for many engine and transmission parts, steering and suspension components, air bag cylinder tubes, and side impact protection.
Specialized tubular items for other automotive uses include heavy truck/trailer axles and cylinder liners for large diesel engines.

ITS can provide thick-wall high-strength tubes for structural components used in the construction of large buildings such as airport terminals, auditoriums, and arenas/stadiums. These tubes can be provided in the long lengths needed for these applications where tubes are preferred over regular long steel beams for appearance reasons.
Other special structural applications for seamless tubes include large construction cranes and other materials handling equipment.