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Integrated Tubular Solutions wants to be your supplier for the seamless tubular products in your business.

Our strategic relationships with excellent mill sources has helped us to provide our customers with quality material to fit the requirements of the energy and industrial markets. Based in Houston, Texas and aligned with worldwide partners, Integrated is the ultimate associate for your tubular needs. Thanks to our manufacturers’ capabilities, we can provide you with the sizes you want, produce them to the quality you need and deliver them in the time you require.

Integrated has supported its customers in developing tubular products including specifications and specialty grades so that they could achieve their ultimate product objectives. In all instances, we have maintained protection of their intellectual property to ensure that they preserve their technology as their own.

Our focus on customer specific, specially engineered tubular products is only half of the Integrated competency. In its relatively short time as a distributor, Integrated Tubular Solutions has grown to become one of its customer base’s largest providers of API 5CT Coupling Stock and ASTM A519 Mechanical Tubing.

Our manufacturers’ size chart versatility has made our material a favorite among many of the seamless tubular users in the energy and industrial sectors.