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The Integrated product mix has grown exponentially over the years through the process of being responsive to customer needs. We pay special attention to product engineering and continually develop new products to expand our product base. Our engineering team is a group of highly qualified professional and motivated engineers dedicated to assuring that products being introduced are thoroughly engineered, evaluated, reviewed, and tested to the highest standards of excellence. We use materials that meet or exceed API and ASME standards. We continually review existing products for possible improvements that lead to better performance, simpler operation, and greater reliability. We keep a Certified Professional Engineer on staff to assist in product engineering calculations, verifications of product development data, conducting Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and helping to maintain compliance on our ASME and API certifications.

Integrated's Manufacturing, Engineering, and Design teams continuously conduct collective R&D to improve our product designs and manufacturing processes. This R&D effort has helped us increase efficiency and eliminate rejection rate in manufacturing. R&D in our manufacturing methodologies has resulted in reduced machining times and higher production rates thus providing a more competitive offering of products to our end clients. Integrated also practices R&D in operating systems. We implemented the J.D. Edwards system of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in our manufacturing location and which will be extended to distribution and service points in the near future. R&D in our systems and operating processes has resulted in better communication and a leaner organization.

Local Manufacturing Presence; 35,000 Sq Ft. manufacturing facility in Pinehurst Texas.

Dedicated Engineering Support that includes both product engineering capabilities and material engineering support

Manufacturing capabilities that include elastomeric injection presses, Rubber mills, a dedicated elastomeric Extrusion line and elastomeric injection press, giving us the capability for manufacturing simple and complex products ranging in size from ½” to 48” in numerous materials.

Materials capabilities include NBR, HNBR, EPDM, Aflas, Flouro-Silicon and VITON to name a few.

Integrated Owns over 100 molds single and multi cavity required for its standard product line and has extensive experience in developing and tweaking various size of mold over the years. We utilize local mold makers with a very long history and use their experience along with ours to manufacture both our standard products and custom molded products for our clients.
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